Pickleball Net Height: 36 Inches for the Perfect Game

As you have just started playing pickleball, being a beginner, you may not know how to set up your pickleball court. Pickle courts are used by other games in a few locations, making it hard for beginners to set up the pickleball court themselves. The process of setting up their court may stop many beginners who want to try learning the pickleball game. Most of the pickleball courts are also used as tennis courts.

Many people may wrongly assume that the pickleball net height is the same as the tennis net height. But it’s not true!

You may feel doubtful whether the tennis court can be changed into a pickleball court and have difficulty finding the pickleball court means you need to read the article further to understand the pickleball court dimensions and pickleball net height for the pickleball court details.

To know more details about setting up your court and to get the correct pickleball net height, you can read the article further which makes you a pro in changing the tennis court into a pickleball court.

Choosing the right Pickleball Net for you

Pickleball nets can be brought to many locations in your area according to your budget. All sporting goods shops and online stores like Amazon also offer you various types of pickleball nets in your budget. There is a slight difference between the outdoor pickleball court nets and indoor pickleball court nets. You need to make sure what type of net you will need so that you can buy the correct kind of net or else you will not be able to set it up to the right height in the court.

A11N Portable Pickleball Net

A11N portable pickleball nets are not that expensive and these nets help you to have your net in your playing locations. These portable nets are easy to carry making it easy to take them to your location and play with ease and easy to pack up too.

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Difference between Pickleball nets and tennis court nets?

  • The pickleball net and the tennis court net are the same in style but different in height setting. According to the official USA pickleball rulebook, the Pickleball net has to be 34 inches in the middle and 36 inches at the post level.
  • A tennis court net will not sag in the middle like a pickleball court net but most of the court won’t appreciate changing the tennis court settings.
  • The two-inch difference may look like a small difference but these two-inch differences can be significant in the net making the hitting easier and allowing lower shot trajectory in pickleball games. If you have missed your shot by hitting the top edge of the net, then you already know how these two inches make a big difference between the defeat and victory of the game.
  • The pickleball net regulates that the net width is 22 feet wide meaning that the net extends from one foot in each direction beyond the boundaries of the 20-foot court.

Pickleball court dimensions

          Setting up your net is the easiest way to accommodate everyone’s needs when you are playing in a shared space.  This helps to get the right pickleball court dimensions and right net height in the court. If you are using shared space and the net of the tennis court, then have a word with your opposite participant about their preferences before setting up the net.

Pickleball Net Height Measurement

 There are a few easy steps to measure the correct pickleball net height that make the setting up of the net easier.  Try this easy method when you are setting up your pickleball net for your game next time.

  1. Before buying a net, measure the net posts from the inside. This will help you to buy the right size for your court.
  2. Measure the OD measurement that the court is built with. OD measurements are nothing but the same as ID measurements. These measurement differences may bring issues with tennis and pickleball net length and height in many locations.
  3. The standard height of the net is 34 inches but they can be sometimes anywhere from 30 to 36 inches depending on your needs. You cannot alter this benefit in the permanent nets which have a center strap to secure in the default height.
  4. Your gameplay may be impacted if you don’t have experience playing in the net higher than the nets you used to play. The competition’s hanging net height is 36 inches.
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Can you play Pickleball on a tennis court?

You can make four standard pickleball courts in a single tennis court. This means we can share the space and divide a tennis court into four pickleball courts if the tennis court net is pulled out of the way or taken down. This way is commonly practiced in competitions to maximize use of shared spaces. But it is very difficult to use this kind of Tennis court as the tennis court is very big and the net height is very big and different. 

Pickleball court dimensions are measured to be 20 by 44 feet but with the overrun, this size will be increased to 30 by 60 feet.  If you are using shared locations, it will be difficult as this size of playing space will have a clear impact on the height of your pickleball net. So, it is very important to know the height of the pickleball net.

When playing pickleball on your tennis court, you can easily lower the middle of the tennis net height to the regulation for pickleball. But you may have a lot of places around you in the court that you need to be cautious of. When using a tennis court for your games, remember that the tennis court is much larger than the pickleball court so this may have an impact on the action of your pickleball game too.

Can you play a pickleball without a court?

Pickleball is the fastest-growing game and getting popular due to its versatility. This is the best part of pickleball. You can play pickleball anywhere in the world if you have enough space if you don’t have competition standards. The minimum playing space and enough room for the net are enough to start playing the game. You can play in any location or even on a basketball court with ease. Pickleball nets are now available in portable ways, so you can enjoy pickleball not only on a tennis court but on any other available court too.  So get ready to enjoy this active and fun game anywhere near you.

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You can set your pickleball game on the beach too with the help of the portable net and enjoy the game. Pickleball is the most flexible and versatile game than tennis which can be played in many locations. So, enjoy your pickleball game now even without your pickleball court.

Playing Pickleball is easy and fun

Pickleball is a really fun and exciting game to play even though you don’t invest in the pickleball net. Pickleball matches can be set up anywhere and do not require any special requirements as tennis makes this game unique. Pickleball is a great substitute for those who love games but hate to go to the tennis court each time to play.

When you are going to play your next pickleball game, make sure to move the tennis net to pickleball net height or take your portable net to play with. This will help to make your game fun and the fun of learning to set your pickleball net will give you the best playing experience.